Pale Snow

Posted on 6th March, 2018

SNOW!!! cARDIFF 2018!As life goes on I have to be constantly reminded to let go of things.


 'The Beast from the East' clipped my wings with it's sudden drop in temperature followed and intense snow fall. In Cardiff the snow began to fall on Thursday morning and pretty much didn't stop until late the next day. It was bloody marvellous! I loved it, everyone was giggly and Cardiff felt a little magical and eerie as people slowly mad their way down the deserted, quiet white roads. I went out for a run on Friday at the height of the snow, just to be a contrarian and also I thought if I got a few miles under my belt that I would have earned sitting in snug while eating a bowl of Heinz Cream of Tomato soup. As it happened I had to cut the run a bit short cause the snow was too deep, but it was great to get out.


The flip side of this snow fun was that everything turned to shit. Sian and I were supposed to drive up to London with my gig kemosabe Gareth Evans to go to the CastleMania night. There were around five bands including the incendiary Thee Oh Sees and Flatworms. I was looking forward to it but there was a Red Weather warning (likely life threatening conditions) and as I looked out on Thursday at the sheets of snow howling down I laughed and thought 'This ain't happening.' so reluctantly... 


On the Saturday the big thaw had began to set in, so Sian and I decided to go to the free Hey Colossus gig at the Moon. We dragged ourselves out into the slushy, wet Cardiff night but after waiting for ten minutes a bus didn't turn up so we reluctantly went back home. We tried to see a film the next day which inexplicably got cancelled due to the weather.


So last night Brett Anderson out of Suede was doing a reading and signing for his new autobiography 'Coal Black Mornings' at Rough Trade in Bristol. I'm a big Suede fan, and the book had a great review in Mojo and I hadn't seen the new store so decided to go along. One thing the weather has shown me is that don't own any waterproof footwear. It rained just long enough on the cycle ride down to Cardiff Central to get damp and get my feet wet.


Now the plan was get there a bit early, get some food (salute to the Falafel King) find the store, look about then chill. Door were 6:30 so cycled up to Queen Road to where the old Rise store had be. It was my understanding that Rough Trade had taken over the premises. I was wrong. So I stood outside the former Rise store - which is now an eatery - in the freezing rain and wondered where the hell the store was. I still had time so I headed off. I had another vague idea where the store was, and I was wrong again. So I cycled around Bristol in the rain for twenty minutes, stopping from time to time to ask increasingly clueless people if they knew where the store was. At one point I was outside a pub getting increasingly soaked, getting angry and thinking 'OH FOR FUCK'S SAKE!' of course it's my own fault, I never check. I calmed down and pressed on. Eventually Google Maps got me to the store. Fuck, was I relieved to find it. I chained my bike up right on 6:30. I was horribly wet but I didn't mind so much. Picked up my copy of the book and wrist band.


Btett Anderson 5 March BristolCause I got there at 6:30 I thought Brett might just be taking the stage and I'd have to shuffle in at the back. However doors were 6:30 and the interview was due to start at 7:30, larvely! So I had time to get a seat four from the front, look around the store and get a cup of Earl Grey. Brett was engaging, funny and ever so slightly louche. He talked about his Dad and his Council Estate up bringing and the early days of Suede. He then took some questions from the audience, which as ever were a mixed bag. I was thinking of asking a question but I always stumble across my words in situations like this, so decided to keep quiet. Also on a more prosaic level I wanted to get the signing sorted as soon as so I could get the earliest train home. I'd double bagged three Suede 12 inch sleeves to get signed and as soon as the interview was over got into line as soon as possible.


Brett seemed happy to sign, have his photo taken with people and chat. I asked him what new music he'd been listening to, he said not much, I said there was a lot of good stuff around and recommended The Orielles. He said he'd heard Cabbage and White Horses who he'd liked. With the book (and a very handsome volume it is too) and sleeves signed I got my shit together and cycled off quickly. It must have been about 8:35, and with a truly heroic effort I managed to get back to Temple Meads and on the 8.54 back to Cardiff, happy with my fan boy swag.


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