Wolf Pack

Posted on 29th January, 2018

Darren Floyd Parkrun Saturday 27th Jan 2018 Regardless of how many races I run there's always lessons to be learned. My latest lesson is don't be greedy. 


My pace had been speeding up and I was feeling good and last week I forgot to have a rest day between runs. Well to be right I just tried to pack too much into too few days, so ended up doing 9 and half miles on the Friday, a Parkrun on the Saturday and then two runs on the Sunday. The run on Friday was pretty pacey, but - oh my days - my time in the Parkrun was disgraceful! I couldn't find a space to really get going at the start of the 5k, I got stuck behind a few people and then when the route did open up I just couldn't get my pace. I pushed and pushed but it just wasn't happening, I just hadn't put on my running feet. The truth is that despite feeling pretty good Saturday morning I didn't have the energy after the run the day before. 


This still didn't stop me going for two runs the next day. The two runs in one day is on my Asics plan and is a bit of a killer. The first one is a speedy 5.5 miles, and the second is a slower 8.5 miles. I was struggling with the pace on the 5.5 miler and after packing my legs and a cup of tea I dragged myself out for the 8.5 miles run. Jesus, that was such a grind. I'd forgotten to charge up my Garmin watch and when it ran out of juice after 3 miles I settled into steady clomp. All in all in was a scrappy run, but the miles were chewed up and I'm going to space the runs out a bit this week, with three months until the Newport marathon I've still got time to get my pace back. 

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