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Posted on 31st July, 2017

Friday night as another fun packed night in an eventful week.


I made an executive decision to go and see 'Cowtown' at Clwb Ifor Bach after hearing then on the Marc Riley show. It not being a school night gig Sian was willing to take a punt on them. After a Friday night snifter at Tiny Rebel we popped along to Clwb. We had time to have another snifter and take a look at the mech and then a load of our fiends came in for Rob Sell's birthday. I bough a few drinks and it was great to catch up especially with Captain Keef and Simon Ayre. 


Cowntown were low-fi, high octane and charmingly shambolic. I recognised the song 'Emojcore' from the Riley show. I think the band said that they were a bit fried from a long journey that day, and they did like to yabber between songs, which was all part of the fun. The drummer looked like he was a late substitute from a Metal band, but they gelled togethor. What was sweet was that they did a short birthday song for Rob at the end, but as Captain Keef pointed out they spent five minutes talking about the song and ninety seconds doing it.  


When I fancy the merch at a gig I think 'Oh come on now band don't be shit cause you've got yourselves a sale.' Cowtown were great and a lot of Friday night fun, so I thought 'Vinyl and a t-shirt.' and Sian wanted a totebag and a t-shirt. It's how bands make their money these days, the merch. So I handed some cash to Sian after the gig and she wandered over to buy the stuff while I chatted to Simon. Sian asked the slightly ditsy bass player for the merch.


"But that'll be forty quid! Are you sure?" the bassist asked, The Apprentice aren't going to be ringing her anytime soon. 

"Yeah that's fine." Sian replied.

"God! Well have a free CD as well!"


It made us feel good as we tottered into Womanby Street. 

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